NIR – Analizatory w bliskiej podczerwieni

Analizatory w bliskiej podczerwieni (NIR) stosowane są najczęściej w przemyśle rolno-spożywczym do określania jakości surowców przed ich zakupem oraz na linii produkcyjnej. Dzięki szybkości tej technologii wyniki dla kilku lub kilkunastu parametrów uzyskuje się w przeciągu sekund. Dzięki temu możliwe jest podejmowanie szybkiej decyzji o zapłacie za surowce lub o sposobie przetwarzania.


Analizatory NIR dostarczamy wraz z kalibracją fabryczną dla najczęściej spotykanych matryc. Jednakże niezliczona różnorodność próbek wymóc może czasem wykonanie kalibracji dla danej i rzadko występującej matrycy próbek. W takim przypadku można skorzystać z oferowanego przez nas serwisu kalibracyjnego. W akredytowanym laboratorium przebadamy metodami klasycznymi wskazane matryce i skalibrujemy analizator NIR. Takie podejście umożliwi Państwu wszechstronne zastosowanie analizatora NIR dla różnych surowców a nawet wyrobów mieszanych i gotowych.

Analizator do MĄKI

SpectraAlyzer Grain z komorą pomiarową do mąki

Analizator do ZBÓŻ

SpectrAlyzer GRAIN

Analizator do MIĘSA
Analizator do WÓDEK i WIN
Analizator do SERÓW
Analizator do TYTONIU


Zestaw akcesoriów

The Accessory Kit contains useful tools and a variety of sample cups which make sample presentation and handling an easy task. The kit contains both Open and Closed Cups that help presenting granular and powdery samples to the SpectraAlyzer. To optimize the filling of the Closed Cups a filling tray and a spatula are included. A brush as part of the kit simplifies the repeated cleaning of the Closed Cups. The Open Cups included are most suitable for the presentation of pasty products like chocolate or sausage meat to the SpectraAlyzer optics. Additionally, some essential spare parts (air filters and fuses) are included. All accessories included in the Accessory Kit can also be purchased individually.

Drukarka do SpectraAlyzer

This printer for SpectraAlyzer instruments prints single multi-component measurement results for quick archiving or info. Time and date stamps are included in the printout as well as property names.

Pakiet Terminalu Interface (PTI)

The Terminal Interface Package (TIP) broadens the functionality of the SpectraAlyzer. With this interface option enabled, the measured results can be put out over one of the SpectraAlyzer ports (RS232 or USB) to a PC-resident terminal-program. The data can now be saved easily and processed e.g. in a spreadsheet program. Additionally 4000 measured results can be stored as „Analysis History” on the memory card. Furthermore the TIP contains a „Calibration Archive” that provides 50 start-up calibrations stored on the memory card.


Szuflada wymienna z funkcją obrotową

If the SpectraAlyzer shall be used for the measurement of properties in inhomogeneous products such as cocoa-beans, peas, animal feed pellets or whole grain the Rotating Sample Drawer is available. It is a rotating sample cup with electronic drive mechanism and a controller integrated into the drawer unit and dedicated for applications with non-homogeneous products such as protein, fat and moisture determination in grain, corn, rice, cocoa-beans, peas, soy beans or animal feed pellets.

Kuweta „Slide Cup”

The Slide Cup is your choice for any viscous sample when you need to empathise on easy cleaning and/or hygiene. The samples are analyzed in transflection with a fixed path length. The reflecting surface is made of gold. The sample is applied to the reflector and then covered with an microscopy slide. By placing the slide onto the reflector, any sample surplus overflows into a surrounding groove. Thus, a homogeneous and bubble free sample is prepared to guarantee optimal NIR analysis results. Material: stainless steel, gold, glass

Kuweta „Viscous Cup”

The Viscous Cup is your choice for any viscous sample such as condensed milk, honey, syrup, fillings for sweets, etc. The samples are analyzed in transflection with an adjustable and highly reproducible path length. The sample is applied directly to the reflector which has a passivated gold coated surface. The Viscous Cup is made of anodized aluminium. Possible applications include moisture in honey, fat in milk, alcoholic fillings in sweets, active ingredients in cosmetics, Brix, Pol in sugar cane juice. Material: anodized aluminum, black; gold, quartz glass.

Kuweta i akcesoria do serów

The „Cheese Cup” accessory set is the ideal sampling and sample presentation tool for hard cheese. The Cheese cup is equipped with a drill knife similar to a cheese trier/tester to obtain a representative sample from a cheese block. The included stamp board and cutting wire provide multiple cheese samples across the sampled cheese cylinder for the NIR analysis.

Material: stainless steel, POM

Kuweta „British cup”

„British cup” for the analysis of liquid egg. The sample is placed on the middle of the cup and is covered with a microscopic slide.

Kuweta „Italian Cup”

The Italian cup is a disposable cup for sample presentation and is your choice for the analysis of any viscous sample that prevents you from reusing cups for sanitary reasons. Introduced mainly to analyse human and animal faeces it is possible to use this cup for many other applications that do not allow you to use standard cups. The samples are analysed in reflexion. The sample is applied to the centre of the cup and then covered with an object slide. By placing the slide onto the sample, any sample surplus overflows into the surrounding groove. Thus, a homogeneous and bubble free sample is prepared to guarantee optimal analysis results. Material: polymer, black

Kuweta „Closed Cup”

ZEUTEC offers the Closed Cup for the sample presentation of powders and granulated samples of small particle size. The Closed Cup allows for easy filling and uniform/compact presentation of the sample. The Closed Cup is used for milk powder, flour, sugar, starch and others.

Material: polymer  black

Adapter do „Closed cup” i SpectraAlyzer Top window

Material: polymer, black

Adapter do „Closed Cup” dla SpectraAlyzer Top window (wykonanie z włókna)

Adapter for the positioning of Closed cups at optical interface of SpectraAlyzer Top window (Fiber version)

Material: stainless steel

Kuweta „Open Cup”

Open sample cup for the presentation of viscous samples e.g. butter, cut (homogenized) meat, margarine or processed cheese. Material: polymer, black

Kuweta „Open Cup” głęboka

Open Cup, Deep for the sample presentation of olive paste or other sticky viscous material. The sample is best filled into the cup using the spatula item number 10301.

Material: polymer, black

Kuweta „Glass cup”, obrotowa

Rotating cup (petri dish type) for SpectraAlyzer Top window instrument: Ideal for free flowing powder samples e.g. flour, egg powder, starch, sugar and others. Material: Quartz glass

Kuweta „Rotating cup” mała

Material: polymer, black

Kuweta „Rotating cup” głęboka

Material: polymer, black

Kuweta „Rotating cup open” do mięsa, mała

Material: polymer, black

Kuweta „Rotating cup” otwrata do mięsa, głęboka

Material: polymer, black

Przystawka do załadunku próbek w kuwetę „Closed cup”

Material: aluminium anodised silver, polymer (black)

Zgarniacz do kuwety „Closed Cup”

Material: wood, stainless steel

Szpatuła do napełniania kuwety „Open cup”

 Material: stainless steel

Łyżka do napełniania w kuwetę „Rotating cup”

Material: Aluminium


Application worx (AWX G2)

The SpectraAlyzer is a powerful and versatile tool for NIR analysis that works well without any PC support. But in order to use NIR spectroscopy to its full potential it is necessary to tap into the additional processing power and storage capability of a PC. With the Application worx software you are allowed to connect the SpectraAlyzer to a PC. The Explorer-like user interface is navigated intuitively, especially compared to other chemometric software packages. From acquiring spectra, developing calibrations to finally doing a predictive, quantitative analysis all steps are clearly encapsulated and presented in a separate wizard.  And of course Application worx speaks your language: we strive to translate it into all languages required by our customers!



Komora „Micro Flow” – spektroskopowy pomiar w najmniejszych objętościach płynów

The Micro Flow Cell with smallest volumes  (1µl per 5 mm optical path length) is designed for applications such as analytical lab and on-line methods in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry i.e. spectroscopic detectors for HPLC and electrophoresis as well as lab and on-line UV/VIS/NIR spectroscopy.